5 Things that I learned from CES 2023

  1. AR /VR is growing leaps. It remains the next biggest thing in tech , I see this as “The most explosive” tech trend in the coming years would be driven by solution a using AR/VR. For example I got to see the heart app on the Lenovo Glases which was just too cool, maybe in the future this would be how doctors would check for heart issues.
  2. Metaverse is the tip of the iceberg , the Metaverse of healthcare , Metaverse of Industry are the trends I see exploding . It’s a fascinating watch for a tech entrepreneur like me. The Gadgets be it smart glasses, countertops are all getting better.
  3. Web 3.0 is alive and kicking , don’t worry about all the hype around crypto failures , that’s just one industry having issues , the tech around Customer identity , marketing using Web3.0 is seeing massive changes
  4. Tesla is not the coolest car , some of the cars and bikes on display were mind boggling , and there was this bike which just got me so excited , I felt like the 25 year old me who use to be a Enfield champ. EV #gadgets is building muscle and looking stylish .
  5. Lastly the most non tech thing I see was the return of the “Taxi” in Vegas , no waits for Uber , no hassle of Apps , just plain old taxis getting you around the town was a refreshing change , while coming back home I decided to use the Philly Taxi service at the Airport and it was as good or better than any Uber or Lyft I took.
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Suraj Arukil
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